Project Description


General dimensions:
2000/2450 x 4000/5000/6000 mm.

Axle loads, wheels, tunnel sections, and failsafe brakes in accordance with EN 15954 and national guidelines.

Up to 60‰ incline and 50 metre radius.
The standardized axles can be easily changed (in approximately 1 hour) for metre or tram gauge.

Other dimensions and specifications upon request.

Wheel diameter Floor height maximum
total weight
410 mm 500 mm 20.000 kg
530 mm 560 mm 25.000 kg
560 mm 640 mm 29.000 kg

Flat lorries

For transporting various materials and containers. Optional equipment: partitions, ramps, holders, twist-lock connection.

Low loaders

For transporting containers with deeper or highclearance loads. Optional equipment: automatic locking and hydraulic supports.

Flatbed trailer with ACTS pivot frame

To transport wheeled (dumper) containers. Hydraulic outriggers provide additional stability.

Special wagons

Wagons with ramps, low load platform, detachable front and rear trucks with brakes, power Pack, lightweight aluminium, etc.