Our ShopSystems departement is specialized in the production of store furnishings, display units, and point of sale (POS) materials for the retail market.

Shop interior

The interior design of a shop is a decisive factor in the consumers’ first impression. ShopSystems develops your design wish list into a favourably priced quality product, with an eye for detail and in close collaboration with our engineering department. With the well-constructed, customised solutions from ShopSystems you create a distinctive identity.

Shop furnishings based on steel

Steel serves as the basis for our products, sometimes in combination with wood or plastic. We produce prototypes and small series in-house. If an order involves large quantities, we arrange production and supervision abroad. Our finished products are packed, stored, and transported with the utmost care. If desired, we can also perform the assembly on location.

Our engineering department has a team of eight technical-college engineers with years of experience who support you in realizing and optimizing your design.

The following are just a few of the total AMT Group portfolio …

Can we improve your shop furnishings? Contact us at info@amtgroup.nl or call us at +31 76 501 59 12.