• Rail trailer flatbed
  • Tracked Rail Excavators Cranes CX85
  • Rail trailer Container and ballast box
  • Rail Road excavators
  • Self-propelled rail trailer
  • Manirail rail trailer
  • Self-propelled rail trailer with container
  • Self-driving rail trailer with truck
  • Rail dumper
  • Rail Road Quad/ATV

Rail equipment

Unique machines for on and around the track.

AMT Rail Road develops, manufactures and delivers unique solutions for on and around tracks. The machines are developed together with you and built to your specifications, requirements and stated legislation and regulations.

Rail trailers (Flat lorries)

AMT Rail Road develops trucks for both standard and special applications. Flat lorries with twistlocks or containers, but also low-loaders or rotating platforms and tippers. From 14 to 29 tonnes, braked and approved according to EN-15954. Our standard lorries are often available from stock with a favorable price-quality ratio.

Self-driving and modular trailers

AMT’s self-propelled rail trailers are modularly designed. As a result, almost all options are interchangeable with the non-driven rail trailers.
The Hydraulic power pack (HPU) is available as a combustion engine, hybrid or fully electric!

Tracked railexcavator

The versatile 85RR (10T) and 145RR (20T) tracked rail excavators are ideal for hard-to-reach areas or situations where stability must be guaranteed. The machines are equipped with permanently mounted hydraulically driven track axles. Ex-factory suitable for meter, normal and tram track with a single wheel change.

Rail excavator

The TW160, 165 (20T) and TW180 (22T) are equipped with an extremely stable and robust railway system. Permanently mounted with optional quick change system for narrow, normal and tram tracks.


The E-excavator developed together with BAM and ELEO is the first product with the battery packs of AMT RailRoad 100% Electric. This enables a saving of 55,000 kg of CO₂ for BAM Infra.

By means of 4×60 kWh battery packs, the E-excavator is capable of up to 8 hours of independent active operation on the track. When the E-excavator is working with 2 battery packs while the other packs are charging, the E-excavator can even continue to work longer.

The modular and interchangeable battery packs allow BAM to share the battery packs with multiple machines in the fleet.

Rail road dumpers

The Railroad dumpers combine performance and safety for maximum efficiency. The compact construction ensures that the machine can also be used 100% off the track. The track system is designed in such a way that it is easy and very quick to enter and exit.

Railroad ATV/Quad

Railroad ATVs are designed to make work on and around the railroad more efficient and convenient. ATVs have been used for a long time, for example for work on rough terrain such as water board and forest management. The operation is relatively simple, the technology is robust and maintenance interval is short.


This multi-functional, 360-degree rotating telescope machine offers the user a means of transport, telescopic handler, MEWP, and hoisting crane all in one. The compact rail conversion ensures that the machine has a maximum working range. A comprehensive control system with built-in safety and control functionalities provides ergonomic operation.


The Zagro E-MAXI is designed with the goal of making you as efficient as possible. The E-MAXI makes moving locomotives and wagons easy work for one person. This is possible by means of the remote control. This makes the work safe and effective. Because of the electric powertrain, this is done without emissions and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the E-MAXI is easy to maneuver with all-wheel steering and the ability to rotate the wheels 130 degrees. The E-MAXI is available in different specifications.

Terberg Shunter

After the E-MAXI XXL, the Terberg/Zagro RR222/282 is the next step in shunting technology. This is a vehicle that allows you to move up to 2800 T of towing weight. This is the highest towing weight of any of Zagro’s rail-road vehicles.

The cab contains 2 seats in opposite directions which provides optimum visibility for shunting. In addition, the use of Zagro track technology also gives the option of remote control on the track outside the cab when needed. The instrument panels in the cabin make inspector work easy with cameras.

Unimog Shunter

The UNIMOG is a vehicle with versatility as its goal. Both on the road and on the railroad, the UNIMOG offers many possibilities. This platform combined with Zagro’s technology and track applications creates a machine that can be specially adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

Welding buses

By means of the AMT-ZAGRO equipment, the Sprinter is quickly and easily deployable on both road and rail. The Mercedes Sprinter can be delivered with closed body or open body. There is also the choice of a single or double cabine.

Catenary assembly vehicles

For work on overhead lines for railroads, tramways and metro lines, the trucks can be carried out with:

  • Various cranes and work baskets
  • Leveling device which enables safe working at height by keeping the vehicle horizontal
  • Track guideway suitable for up to 80 km/h on the track
  • Insulation up to 1500V for safe working on live overhead lines
  • Additional options, such as an extra cabin, driving from the boom box, measuring systems and toolboxes are available.
overhead line assembly vehicles

Rail cleaning vehicles

For cleaning track and streetcar tracks, AMT-ZWEIWEG’s chassis can be equipped with various cleaning equipment such as track groove cleaners and gully vacuums. These cleaning systems use powerful high-pressure water jets, so that sand and other debris are
loosens, after which it is sucked up.

Service vehicles

To optimize the use of the rail network, consideration of the track conditions is essential. AMT-ZWEIWEG’s vehicles make it possible to carry all the necessary equipment for measurements and maintenance in one vehicle. This allows, for example, the state of the rail network to be accurately mapped and grinding and/or repair work to be carried out.

AMT Zweiweg Trucks

Emergency vehicles

For rerailing or recovery of streetcars or other rail vehicles, AMT-ZWEIWEG has the right equipment and tools. The superstructure can be specifically arranged so that rail vehicles can be en route or removed to the workshop as quickly as possible. The flexibility of vehicles that can travel to the site by road and rail minimizes delays.

Lightweight chassis & pickups

For inspections or transporting people or equipment to work on the railroad, AMT-ZWEIWEG has pickup trucks and light trucks. These vehicles provide a safe and convenient option for transporting people and equipment. Both closed body and open body are possible. Other options according to the customer’s wishes, such as a crane or loading platform are among the possibilities.



The Trensformer is an extremely low trailer designed for simple and multifunctional use of existing vehicles on the track. The trailer is available in a variety of dimensions and for use in various applications. The wheel drive Trensformer is suitable for construction machines such as forklifts, shovels, cranes, trucks, service buses and jeeps. The hydraulically driven Trensformer is suitable for crawler cranes or special tools.

Track wheels and machine parts

Some activities require special adjustments. Whether it concerns a complete conversion, modernization or overhaul, re-profiling or the delivery of new parts. At AMT you have come to the right place. We are also NEN-EN15085-2 CL1 certified. This means that we can design and produce according to this standard.

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