AMT delivers excavators based on several basic vehicles. Extremely stable rail system according to EN15746, assembled with a quick-change system for metre, standard, and tram gauge.

Rail Road Brochure

The rail axes can be lifted and lowered independently via the 4.3″ or 7″ Wachendorf display.

The current security functions of the track layout and the camera are also displayed on the screen.

The front axle can swing and be locked with stabilizer cylinders.

The metre, standard, or tram gauge is driven by means of the Solex principle. (tyre-wheel). It is also possible to fit the machine with 4 hydraulic drive motors and additional braking.

Railway excavator

Proven van Tetering railconversions provide a reliable, robust machine. Low maintenance costs and good service.

Additional options: Hydraulic drive, quick change system, outriggers, pneumatic or hydraulic brakes, extension boom, platform baskets, overpressure cabin.

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