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Rail Road Quad / ATV

The AMT Rail ATVs are designed to make work on and around the track more efficient and easier.

ATVs have been used for a long time for work on rough terrain such as water board and forest management. The operation is relatively simple, the technology is robust and maintenance interval is short.

The AMT Rail ATVs are suitable for two to six people and have its own loading platform (1000×500). Easy to use and always ready to be used on the trail in less than a minute. For example, due to its low weight, the ATV can be transported on a small trailer with normal BE.

The ATV can be used in combination with two lightweight aluminum lorries. With a capacity of 350 kg each, or equipped with removable seats for 2x 2 people. The AMT-Rail-ATVs are designed as a lift truck and meet the European legal requirements according to NEN EN 15746. This means that the ATVs can be used practically anywhere.

Rail road ATV

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