AMT rail trailers are designed to allow you to work as efficiently as possible. The rail trailers are built according to customer specifications. The compact, low construction and low unladen weight allows for optimal use of the capacity. The robust frame, heavy-duty bearings, and reliable brakes ensure minimum maintenance requirements.

Rail Road Brochure
Rail trailer brochure

All rail trailers have been designed in compliance with the European legal requirements set out in NEN EN 15954. The construction of any rail trailer is in accordance with applicable national guidelines. (including TCVT/BAV/DB/Infrabel).

Our rail trailers come standard equipped with various lifting and hauling eyes, a towing bar, and an aluminium tool storage box.

In addition to the standard flatbed design, a low loader, closed bottom, or container trailer with turntable are also optionally available. Additional support legs and hydraulic operation are also options.

Well-tested braking system

All our vehicles are equipped with a well-tested braking system. These braking systems can be regulated hydraulically as well as pneumatically.

Diverse standaard lorries leverbaar uit voorraad.

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