Developed to carry out work on and around the railways more safely and efficiently.

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This multi-functional, 360-degree rotating telescope machine offers the user a means of transport, telescopic handler, MEWP, and hoisting crane all in one. The compact rail conversion ensures that the machine has a maximum working range. A comprehensive control system with built-in safety and control functionalities provides ergonomic operation.


The four-wheel drive provides a maximal traction
when driving and braking on railways. The machine operates up to a maximum slope of 6%.

The rail conversion also has a level adjustment
function, which makes it possible to work safely even from tracks with significant cant (180mm).

The MANIRAIL makes it possible to use a number of different work platforms and other tools.
The machine has an integrated, adjustable height and rotating limiter. Additionally, it uses the original RCI so that other original Manitou tools can be added to the machine at a later stage. Controls can be easily switched from the cab to the work platform. From the basket, it is possible to have the machine go up to ten kilometres per hour. During work, the speed of the machine is limited to five kilometres per hour.

Almost all standard Manitou tools can be integrated in the rail conversion.

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