The Trensformer is designed as an extremely low wagon to easily allow multifunctional use of existing vehicles on the track. The machine is available in a variety of dimensions and for use in various applications.

  • Wheel driven Trensformer (suitable for vehicles such as fork lifts, shovels, and cranes)
  • Wheel driven Trensformer (suitable for truck, service buses, jeeps)
  • Hydraulically driven Trensformer (suitable for e.g. tracked excavators or special tools)

The Trensformer is designed according to EN 15746 and, together with the vehicle being transported, must be approved in accordance with national guidelines for use on decommissioned tracks. The Trensformer may always be use on private track.

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Your benefits:

  • Utilize your existing vehicle on the track
  • Low investment and low maintenance
  • Simple technology
  • Ready for use in 5 minutes
  • Modular design based on your specifications.
  • Safe manoeuvring with bumpers, a UIC hook, and pneumatic brake system.


  • Wagon braking system with a compressor and attached air tanks.
  • PU rail wheels for extra traction (for private track only)
  • Adjustable wheel base for vehicles between 2200 mm and 3000 mm.
  • Quick-Lock securing (rapid attachment of your vehicle)
  • Hydraulic outriggers for stability during works
  • Two-wheel or four-wheel drive

Conversion to road rail vehicles

In addition to the versatile tRENSformer, AMT Rail Road has also developed several railcars for special applications, such as a deep loader wagon and a wagon with a turntable.

Rail trailers / Flatlorries

AMT Rail Road has also developed several lorries for special applications, such as a deep loader wagon and a wagon with a turntable. Approved according to NEN EN 15954 (NL/BE/DU/CH). Our standard lorries are available from stock at a favorable price.

Rail trailer flatlorrie

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