• Tracked Rail Excavators Cranes CX85
  • Tracked Rail Excavators Cranes CX145

Tracked Rail Excavators

The versatile 85RR (10T) & 145RR (20T) crawler cranes are equipped with permanently mounted hydraulically driven track axles. Ex-factory suitable for meter, normal and tram track with a single wheel change.

Due to their compact construction and short counterweight, these machines can be used almost everywhere. The hydraulic four-wheel (9A) drive provides perfect grip during acceleration and deceleration on the track up to 20 km / h and permissions up to 60 ‰ and even higher. The front of the machine has a swing axle that can be switched automatically and manually so that maximum stability can be utilized.

With an internet module, you can access the machine from anywhere to perform service and update the machine. The machines are based on EN15746. Final assembly complies with national to the guidelines such as TCVT, Infrabel, TSA, BAV.

Our next generation proven rail solutions ensure a reliable machine with a low maintenance interval.

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Rail Road crawler cranes portfolio

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