• Self-propelled rail trailer
  • Self-propelled rail trailer with container
  • Self-driving rail trailer with truck

Self-propelled rail trailers

AMT’s self-propelled rail trailers are modularly designed. As a result, almost all options are interchangeable with the non-driven rail trailers. The trailers have two or four hydrostatically driven wheels with fail-safe brakes.

The rail trailers are as standard limited to a maximum speed of 20 km / h and can be used up to 60 ‰. The optional trailer braking system makes it possible to connect several rail trailers together.

Modular trailer

For a Swiss Partner, AMT developed a special self-propelled rail trailer for transporting large vehicles and special loads on the rail. The front and rearside are demountable so you can easily drive vehicles on top.

The low midsection is interchangeable. (Measurement till 12 x 2.8 Metres and a payload till 45 Tonne). Advantage of this design is, that you can use your roadvehicles in original state. With the maximum payload on the road.

Download the AMT Railroad brochure here

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Self-propelled rail trailer portfolio

An overview of our self-driving rail trailer portfolio