AMT Zweiweg Trucks

AMT-ZWEIWEG manufactures chassis-bound railroad road vehicles for all different purposes. From work on overhead lines to service or cleaning vehicles. The type of chassis and superstructure can be fully assembled by the customer. As a result, there are many opportunities
for individual requirements and the product is perfectly tailored to your company’s working methods.

From work on overhead lines to service and cleaning vehicles. The type of truck and its construction are fully composable by the customer. This opens up many possibilities for individual requirements and the product is perfectly tailored to your company’s working methods.

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  • overhead line assembly vehicles
  • overhead line assembly vehicles
  • overhead line assembly vehicles


For work on overhead lines for railroads, tramways and metro lines, the trucks can be carried out with:

  • Various cranes and work baskets
  • Leveling device which enables safe working at height by keeping the vehicle horizontal
  • Track guideway suitable for up to 80 km/h on the track
  • Insulation up to 1500V for safe working on live overhead lines
  • Additional options such as an extra cabin, driving from the boom box, measuring systems and toolboxes are available.


To optimize the use of the rail network, consideration of the track conditions is essential. AMT-ZWEIWEG’s vehicles make it possible to carry all the necessary equipment for measurements and maintenance in one vehicle. This allows, for example, the state of the rail network to be accurately mapped and grinding and/or repair work to be carried out.

AMT Zweiweg Trucks
AMT Zweiweg Trucks

For example, for maintenance of the roadside verge, sprinkler systems and mower systems can be installed. This allows the environment to be maintained in places that other vehicles cannot reach. The vehicles can also be equipped with track lubrication systems, for example, so that noise pollution can be eliminated.


For cleaning track and streetcar tracks, AMT-ZWEIWEG’s chassis can be equipped with various cleaning equipment such as track groove cleaners and gully vacuums. These cleaning systems use powerful high-pressure water jets, so that sand and other debris are
loosens, after which it is sucked up.

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  • railcleaningvehicles
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For rerailing or recovery of streetcars or other rail vehicles, AMT-ZWEIWEG has the right equipment and tools. The superstructure can be specifically arranged so that rail vehicles can be en route or removed to the workshop as quickly as possible. The flexibility of vehicles that can travel to the site by road and rail minimizes delays.

Depending on customer requirements, the vehicles can be equipped with:

  • Rerailing equipment
  • Winches
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Generators
  • Crane for loading heavy equipment
  • Tailgate
  • emergencyvehicles
  • emergencyvehicles

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