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By means of the AMT-ZAGRO equipment, the Sprinter is quickly and easily deployable on both road and rail. The Mercedes Sprinter can be delivered with closed body or open body. There is also the choice of a single or double cabine.


  • Features guide wheel holders at both the front and rear for optimal contact with the tracks and to prevent derailment.
  • The front and rear axles are separately controlled and equipped with hydraulic damping for equal wheel pressure.
  • Equipped with automated wheel pressure monitoring and display with warning message to ensure a safe working environment
  • Entirely controllable by means of the CAN-bus controlled LCD instrument panel in the cabin
  • Equipped with a central lubrication system for longer maintenance intervals
Zweiwege Bussen


  • Dimensions: 5250-7000 x 2450-2750 x 2425 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 3500-5000 KG
  • Payload: 1000-3000 KG
  • Maximum speed: 80km/h on street, 50km/h on track
  • Minimum curve radius: 40 m
  • Track gauge: 1435 mm
  • Service is available at all Mercedes-Benz Service Centers

Lightweight chassis & pickups

For inspections or transporting people or equipment to work on the railroad, AMT-ZWEIWEG has pickup trucks and light trucks. These vehicles provide a safe and convenient option for transporting people and equipment. Both closed body and open body are possible. Other options according to the customer’s wishes, such as a crane or loading platform are among the possibilities.

Zweiwege light truck

There are several options as a basis for building a light truck for use on the railroad. Other options such as: superstructure, crane platform and other systems, depend on the customer’s requirements.


The pickups are built on the basis of the Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser. A proven platform that can be delivered with a single or double cab. The pickups are excellent for transporting people, tools and materials, while not sacrificing the driving characteristics of a passenger car. This gives AMT-ZWEIWEG’s pickups the possibility of flexibility and rapid deployment that other rail vehicles lack.

Zweiwege Pickups
Zweiwege Pickups

The single-axle guide frame, with a track gauge of 1435 mm, ensures that the vehicle is tracked, while the wheels provide propulsion and braking. The guide frame maintains contact with the track by means of hydraulic pressure. This pressure is monitored to ensure safety. The maximum speed is 50km/h on the track.

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